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StonehengeVE Day Book : Introduction

On Monday 8th of May 1995 a hundredish of us occupied Stonehenge all day to commemorate a defeat of monsterism.
Someone had brought along a blank book, some of us wrote in it.
It is scanned here

VE Day Book Webpages Specification

Stonehenge is a mystery, a ruin, incomplete, with missing links.
A symbol looming in shadows, blinks
Was it designed by one, or by many?
Was it ever complete, or like a Victorian Folly built as a ruin?


We have gathered
with the most peaceful of intentions
to honour the brave men and women
who fought and died to keep
this precious beautiful island
free from a totalitian Police State.

This is the land they died for,
and Stonehenge
is the jewel in the landscape
that for millenia served as a
freely accessible meeting ground
for all those who
wished to engage in
inter-tribal dialogue,
seasonal celebration,
and the thanksgiving
for the then beautiful
organic harvest of the land.

We hope you respect
our birthright
as British citizens
to gather here freely
for one day only
until an hour after sunset,
on this most special day
when we remember
all who thought
this great land
and her freedoms
worthy of the
ultimate sacrifice
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