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Autumn Equinox 1997

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. AUTUMN EQUINOX 1997   Newsletter           

Adventures in the Forbidden Zone ....

Dear All at Torriano Ave,

Well, its monday morning and i'm at work again. I went down to the Henge on Saturday for the solstice. In order to get there for dawn i had to leave at 2.30 am in order that i had a margin to allow for dodging the roadblocks. Hammered down the M3 after picking up a friend (a first timer) who was pretty nervous about going at all ! After getting close enough, and after going around three roadblocks i turned off towards the Larkhill MOD site (they cant block it off so its a good back door!). There's a track there which leads up to the back of the Heritage Car park, which also has tree cover for the first part. The helicopters were out so i lead the way - sticking to the treeline, with my by now very nervous friend in tow. Once out of the cover of the trees we had no cover to speak of, so we went for the direct approach. We both were wearing dark clothing so we went over the stile towards the ceremony field without being spotted. Keeping quiet, but again with no attempt at concealment (although it was quite light) we walked up to the fenceline and hopped over onto the access road by the helestone. As soon as our boots touched tarmac there was a shout from a startled copper ("look out- get 'em!) and before i went three more steps i was collared. "morning chaps" i grinned at them. "you all look cold and bored, why not stay in your nice warm van". They didn't appear to appreciate the humour. They kept a firm grip on me while they read me the relevant section of the CJA (section 14). I say relevant but it appears that the Ms Neville has complete license to interpret the act as she sees fit. The "trespassory assembly" bit applies to persons numbering 20 or more. No one else was there apart from me and my friend (who kept giving me worried glances) so i didn't see how the act applied, and told the coppers so. It seemed to take them aback a bit but they told that the act gave them "discretionary powers". Bollocks - they were making it up on the spot. They gave me a copy of the notice and told me i'd been served. Time to choose - under the terms of the Act, once you've been told to leave you must, or face arrest. I toyed with the idea for a few seconds but decided discretion was probably better since we had no support. We wished the coppers a good day and set off back the way we came, but only after a parting shot "i hope you realise that what you are doing is wrong. It infringes my civil liberty personally and interferes with my right to freedom of worship in whatever form i choose. Servants of the law needn't be slaves to it." They looked at each other for a second or two, one of them shrugged, one of them looked glum and nodded, but they didn't reply. We made our way back along the path back towards Larkhill, but stopped for a smoke to admire the henge in the dawn light. Beautiful and ancient it stood serene, wrapped in the golden morning light. Helicopters buzzed around her like angry wasps, and the policemen milling about her looked like ants whose nest has been poked with a sharp stick. Like the grand old lady that she is, the Henge ignored it all, standing silent and glorious as she always has done, i knew that she was waiting. Waiting for me and others like me to take care of her as she needs to be taken care of - with a spiritual love and deep respect rooted in the bone. Its what she understands and expects from people. I got the feeling that she knew the police couldn't stay forever, but she could. We headed back to the car and left feeling that at least we had made the effort. Waved to some guys getting hassled at the junction and laughed at the amount of police they needed to "protect" the area. We headed home. But will we go back again next time? Of course. The more difficult the police make it for us, the closer we come to having the CJA repealed. The European Convention on human rights is surely being infringed. The more outrageous the police become, the closer a test case in Europe comes. Keep fighting everyone, never give up the quest. Peace Profound. Jason N.

HHHeeeeeeeeeeee llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll oooooooooooooooooooooo ......

Half past f'ing four i woke up today, aghast with the 12 hours I had been comatosed after my summer solstice celebration. It all started at the cafe last night before last when we were gigging in a birthday way for Dom's 26th. Ramblin' man tells me that he's got a lift to the stones at 3am, and there may be a place. We were going to finish at 1am anyway but we still needed to pack up the kit and get back to Kings X. I got back to my place at a bit before 2, a phonecall later I running down the road to the rendezvous, as our driver still hadn't unloaded the van, or picked up two of the passengers. Sunrise is a little after five. Nature's abounding with ways of helping us to get where we wanted to go. Our carriage was good, well maintained, and knew the best roads to take, we were sliding to our destination on a wind of wild rain. The clouds in fact delayed the first peep on sunshine until we had entered the zone of the stones. As we approached, we were braced for the other rays of blareyness, that were present. The bright yellow and orange stripes of the authorities gleamed through us with the intensity of a nuclear incident as if to imply that in some way we were to be very wary of each next step that we were about to take. From the Amesbury roundabout, I noticed about 20 patrol vehicles and at least 100-150 troops, ready and primed for attack. They were dressed in either, fierce flouro or combat-jet black. All of them were giving an air of intolerance to their own job description. Hippy bashing was a lot more fashionable 10 years ago. The lads want some real action now, the solstice stones vigil is probably just a training exercise for the troops. Soon they will be needed elsewhere. We were allowed to pass along the road, accompanied by a landrover, until a junction allowed us to take a right, where upon we found a verge and parked. In the next field was an ancient site, a barrow or two and a public footpath that would lead us to the other road, it was now that the sun rose above the clouds. We had got to within sight of stonehenge, surrounded by fields of oats and wheat. A picture postcard view of a quintessential landscape. A psychedelically induced dreamy breeze waved the heads of grain, reminding me that i didn't need to be on anything else than this humble and w'holy land. Only a few yards away a young deer scampered through the field, "bambi" I called, in smug irony. I had forgotten, just how beautiful these trips really are. You needed binoculars to identify the black and fluorescent dots. We used ours to spot any sign of presence at the Hele stone, I couldn't make out anyone else but troops. The path led straight to the road, where as we got closer the flouro got brighter, my own directive was to exercise my right to walk in open country-side on this special day. As I interpreted the law, up to 19 of us could walk unchallenged. However when we got to within earshot of the constabulary, close enough to offer a polite "good morning" we were marshalled into walking away from the stones. The youngest of the squad was quick to quote 14c of Cja and that they had already had 28 persons attempting to congregate at the stones. How hundreds of coppers are not able to effectively police such an event is beyond me. After all you get as many coppers at a normal festival, crime per head of capita is lower than in society generally. Because it is considered leisurely, the authority is not prepared to tolerate anything that is not motivated towards making a profit for them. If thirty or so people cannot be allowed freedom of movement, albeit monitored, then the exercise has been a waste. At school I was told by the visiting police liaison officer, that the police's role in society is "to prevent people from HURTING themselves or others around them." Most serious crime including theft, comes into this category, yet when we are doing something conscious like this, to improve our state of well being, WHY do they have a veto over us? We walked along the road then spotted who we thought were our mates on the path that we had just walked. We hopped over the fence and raced across the field, back to the path to join them, defying our previous orders. This spot gave the best legal view of the stones. There we joined up with some other solstice wanderers, not the undesirable types that the media chooses to describe, but students and wanderers alike. Who am I to judge who has the right to be here, or anyone on us for that matter. So we headed for Avebury 25 miles away. There were a couple of hundred people camped up and unhassled, the local villagers have in fact seized the opportunity to offer a solstice breakfast cafe in the local hall. £2 for a vegan brekkie, £2.50 for veggie, muesli and yogurt, coffee, the works, and a queue to suit, bleary eyed backpackers rubbing backy with the pagan pixies and fulltime fezziegoers, too much for our tired consensus of city dwellers, they went on to have breakfast in Malborough town centre as I caught 28 winks in the van. Returning that lunchtime, knowing that I should be carrying on with important tasks, all of which could wait, I made the relevant phonecalls and flaked out to sleep 12 wasted hourlong winks more. Woke and wrote. A glimpse at how our culture has evolved, able to enjoy solstice in a multitude of locations whatever the conditions. mm. mMatt......

Druid Solstice Victory

Two days prior to summer solstice, I, along with both Stonehenge Pilgrimages (London and Brighton) arrived and camped on the nearest drove to the Stones. We were evicted the following afternoon for 'criminal damage to a blade of grass'. Some of us however did manage to gain access tonight before.' Returning on solstice morning we processed down the Springbottom Normanton Barrows, where Kreb Dragonrider (LAW) and several others were arrested. Myself and Elf, a fellow London - Stonehenge Pilgrim, then performed a short Druid rite at sunrise near the 'Snowflake' Crop Formation (which we used to conceal ourselves opposite Stonehenge). Unseen by the helicopter, police and E.H. Guards (due to an invisibility spell I'd cast) we reached the security fence and gained access. I performed a brief Solstice blessing and made the traditional offering of Mistletoe on behalf of the Druids, whilst the police watched helplessly from outside the fence on the A344. Both of us left peaceably without being arrested. King Arthur however was arrested twice, since he returned to the area after being released from his first arrest. Since then, both Arthur and Kreb have had the charges brought against them dropped (sec.14c C J A: 'Intending to take part in an illegal gathering of over 20 persons') by the CPS. Neither may press for wrongful arrest on this occasion however, due to a refusal of legal aid. The national press that day reported that no-one made it to Stonehenge. Well they lied! Two London - Stonehenge pilgrims did make it, between dawn and the actual time of the solstice (9.17am). Another unreported event took place a few days later, being the post Glastonbury magical mystery tour (July first). But rather than resulting in a the VE Day type occupation, as was expected, only five attended and managed a minor trespass. Still, at least one robed Druid got further than Countess roundabout and the A3O3 for once- and by magical means. Don't be late in 98! Merlin, Druid Battle Chieftain L.A.W. (formerly known as Llwch)

Letter from karelia

~~~ Dear StoneyHengers, ~~~
The bestest Walk transport was that year
we used shopping trolleys, ropes & a long
plastic tarp over our heads when it poured.
This June I cycled, hitched and walked,
to the chaos in the pub Solstice Eve,
then a lift to a Walk's campfire.
some dicey tinwhistling and jokes,
then bimbling up an old path towards
~~~~~~~~ Stonehenge ~~~~~~~~~~~
whereat police spoilsports said 'Stop'
      (I did this time).
July I paid for a vehicle pass
to the Big Green Gathering,
then drove my bus out of London
to the Stonehenge trackway.
Slept in the track with a
morning view of the Stones.
Revisited the dip in the nearest Mound
where we used to firesit
and watch and hear the life of
Stonehenge Free Festivals upto 1984.
Walking up the Avenue that night,
it became clear that there used
to be two hele stones, left and right.
Then pushstart to the BGG,
then downhill to here,
Dead Woman's Bottom @ Whatley Quarries,
(5 miles west of Frome,
from Nunney Post Office up hill,
then left for one mile).
~~~ with love from your cousin, ~~~
(PS I want a trombone - bassy analoguess)
(PPS there's another solstice in 1997 )
(PPPS congrats to T.Blair PM)

thanks from Orc

Many thanks from myself and the Stones for all those who have taken it upon themselves to support the night vigil preceding each quarter-day sun-rise ceremony. in the peace of times to come, ORC  ------- 

Greetings from sunny Slough,

Firstly! Thanks yet again for the newsletters, it's been a couple of years since I've written. (please find enclosed donation for your noble cause, stamps, food, whatever, blah blah blah). The last time Tina and I went to Stonehenge was '85, we only managed to stay about 10 minutes before the riot police beat us out and route marched us up the dual carriageway. It would be wonderful to spend a few days there. Our little boy Dom is 2 1/2 now, we'd both love to take him into the Stones for Solstice. With 12 years meditation on the subject of Stonehenge Free Peoples Festival (c.trademark) its basis, its motives, its achievements, its consequences, its divisions, its politics (both on site + Crown State). June the 1st 1985, at sunrise near Andover, my mind is honed in on the future, my mind made up and ready to go, get to Stonehenge, one month to build a teepee, move on for the summer, hole up for the winter, go back to the planet, bye bye rat race. By late afternoon my dreams were shattered by dark forces, my aspirations bludgeoned into submission. I have been reluctant to get involved in free festivals, away from the public eye, ever since. I've been on plenty of marches in London, where police are reluctant to use aggressive violence against visibly peaceful people. (they soon steam in if they can instigate a disturbance!!!) the recent March for Social Justice was exceptional, best party in years, good turnout, solid attitude, joyous and celebratory. Deep respect to RTS (for flags banners and front). Anyway, to get back to the plot. We would very much like to take our little boy into the Stones for solstice. We've always been too skint to be New Age travellers, we could never have got a coach together, we don't drive anyway. Indigenous land rights, self- sufficient agricultural tenancies, communal farms as a social right of choice. Human rights for pagan rites on ancient sites! Sorry to drivel on, it's late, and my pipe dreams are jumping out onto the page. If Tribal Messenger comes back this year, please let me know. Hope to meet up in the Temple! Keep a little Wally Hope in your heart! Chin Chin Picti

Visiting Rights to the Stones

In the winter of 1977 my wife and I visited Stonehenge, as I recollect there was no kiosk, no ropes, and no ladies with middle class English accents telling people where they could and could not go. In those days we could walk amongst the stones, touch them, a tenuous link across thousands of years, I am an engineer, I don't marvel at what these guys did, I know what they did, what it cost and what sort of society had to exist to bear that cost. The stones were not put there to be fenced off or protected, they were part of a vibrant developing infrastructure, the nearest analogy I can draw today would be our shopping malls. The point I'm trying to make is that we need to be able to go among the stones, touch them, absorb the ambience of the slowly passing centuries. The structure was built to be used, not preserved, the whole community must have supported the development otherwise it could not have been done. You did not build Stonehenge, you have no right to deny people access, even if it means the eventual destruction of the site, that is not important, to be of any value, to respect the memory of the people who built it we must use it. Cut the ropes, set the stones free. They do not belong to the Government, tourists, or even to the local people, they should be free to follow their own destiny, accessible to all even if it leads to the destruction of the monument as we know it. I cannot believe the presumption of the people who in 1993 denied us contact with the stones. Regards, Reddog 

Hello all, from Mark

Good to see there are so many people involved, that's the only way though, to keep up the fight. I was at the Stones this year, not for the sunrise unfortunately, alas the journey down (made it eventually phew!!) Received your summer newsletter, sitting bewildered by the fence at all the tourists. I myself would never pay to go beyond that fence, when the rights of freedom are returned to the people, Stonehenge will then share its beauty with us, and to see this ancient Sacred site free from the greed of mankind would surely touch the soul of any man. Peace, love and happiness,     Mark

CALL TO ARMS from Arthur

CALL TO ARMS, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING On the fifth of November this year 1997 King Arthur Pendragon, Pagan Priest and Druid Swordbearer appears before Southwark Court in London on charges relating to his possession of his Ritual Dagger and Ceremonial and Magical Sword, Excalibur Arthur claims, should he lose and Excalibur be destroyed, it will not only affect himself and his sword of Britain but every other Ceremonial Sword and Ritual Dagger in the Isles. It is his vowed intention to rally at Stonehenge for a Wiccan Ritual midnight, Samhain, followed by a dawn Druid Ceremony on 1st November and a march on London. Just as the Arthur of old pulled the Sword from the Stone he shall pull Excalibur from the stonework and Southwark of London. In celebration of this he is calling for a day of Inaction, or national strike and public holiday. It is his intention to march with Bards, Jugglers and Minstrels in carnival procession. If you can't make it to his party, robe up, strap on your sword or atheme, have the day off, hold your own, for the millenium party starts here. The Sword and the Stones, Stonehenge Samhain '97. The Peoples of Britain will celebrate throughout the nation with fireworks after his victory on the 5th of November, will they not? KING ARTHUR LOYAL ARTHURIAN WARBAND BCM GAIA, London WC1N 3XX
         (The charges were thrown out and the sword returned.) 

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