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Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter
Summer Solstice 1997

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. SUMMER SOLSTICE 1997   Newsletter

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Find Stones solstice solution, council orders

NOTHING will be ignored in an attempt to solve the problems of Stonehenge at the summer solstice celebrations every June, Salisbury District Council chairman has promised. Councillors have reluctantly agreed to back a request from Wiltshire police for another exclusion order, banning groups of more than 20 people gathering within four miles of the stones between midnight on June 19 and midnight on June 23. But, they said, speedy progress must be made to find a solution once and for all in talks between monument custodians English Heritage, the police, councillors, travellers, Druids and other interested groups. Once this is achieved, the annual exclusion order will no longer be necessary. This year, the councillors said, it must go ahead. Posters have already gone up in the area advertising "the people's free festival" and people living in the area are worried there could be problems. Mr West said a meeting had taken place with a number of interested parties, and he promised every effort would be made to re-start talks within the next six months to try to find a solution in time for the 1998 solstice.

The "exclusion order" (there is no such thing) they are talking about is a CJA ban on trespassory assemblies. What that means is still being argued in the courts, but at the moment groups of 20 or more who gather and stop somewhere in the 'zone' without the landstealer's permission, even on a public road, can be told to go away or be arrested. (assuming Jack Straw rubber stamps the order.) However the usual ban on processions, which the media always described as an 'exclusion zone', will not be in force this summer. In theory this means that groups of people can move around in the 'zone' without being hassled, so long as too many don't stop in the same place at the same time. In practice it will depend on whether the new Chief Constable will give her officers the usual licence to make up their own laws on the spot. Opinion is slowly shifting in Wiltshire, with every year more councillors voicing doubts about agreeing to yet another ban. Last year this led to a rather half-hearted 'review' of the situation, but it seemed to be more aimed at reducing those doubts than any real attempt to take the first steps towards some kind of solution. Even the police are talking more of being 'in the middle' between the two sides. For the first time there were no police present at the council meeting to intimidate them into toeing the line, and at the previous meeting it was the police who told them a banning order should not be called an 'exclusion zone'. There is still a block of local opinion formed by years of media drivel, and optimists who might read into all this the possibility of some compromise eventually being arrived at should take that into account. However the authorities must be realising that the longer they continue with unjustifiable bans, the more likely they are to fall foul of the courts. And if the new regime incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into law as they have promised, the behaviour of the authorities at the Stones, and even the CJA itself, could then become illegal. Just in case they are for once serious about talking to people about trying to resolve the problem, we need to know what individuals and groups feel they should realistically be allowed to do at next year's and future Summer Solstices.

Amesbury motorway roundabout ?

HERE WE GO ROUND . . . . .
The Amesbury roundabout on the A303, which we know of mostly as a police road block, is being used to resurrect the recently buried plans to widen the road past the Stones. This roundabout is already congested at peak times, and now councillors and developers want a new motorway-standard slip road bringing lorries from expanding road haulage sites on one side, and the 2 million people a year Stonehenge Visitor Centre on the other. To avoid gridlock they want an up to 6 exit spaghetti junction built on top of their little country town, and have been leaning on English Heritage to help them get it, using planning permission for the Centre as a lever. At huge expense, the traffic jam would move 100 yards up the road, onto the single carriageway section of the A303 past the Stones. So once again they want to widen it, on its present route, with English Heritage wanting it in a short tunnel where it passes near the Stones. This, some may remember, was the original scheme whose rejection led to recent debate on other options. The Millennium fund is expected to give the go-ahead for the £80m Tussauds Stonehenge Visitor Centre next month, when we should find out what the plans really are. There have been disturbing rumours that the commercial interests involved have been trying to change the original idea of a form of public transport to a point nearer the Stones, into a theme park with Noddy trains running all over it.  

UPDATE JUN 6- English Heritage now appears to have dropped the Amesbury scheme, and wants to revive its previous plan, to build a smaller, £40m visitor centre within walking distance of the Stones, up the track to the north towards Larkhill. This site was refused planning permission before because it would have been a major development within a World Heritage site, too near the Cursus (right next to it), and needed an access road built across the landscape. They say tourists would pay to visit the centre, but not the Stones.

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Rosie jumped

Hello 99 Torriano Ave,
      all who reside there. Saw your ad in 'organ' mag. Pissed off about the inability to touch the stones and stand in the centre and look up at the sky. A few years back I actually jumped over the pathetic barrier and made a run for it! Got collared by a security guard with a mobile - who I had a big argument with - But it's like talking to a brick wall! At the end of it all I went there for a spiritual experience and ended up totally wound up and aggressive.
Now I have two moon beams (Taliesin & Aine), and want them to feel the stones around Britain.
So send me some info
I want some action.

Greetings from sky / clive

Greetings peace and universal love Coming out and over to my brothers and sisters, My name is Clive, some people know me as Sky. I would like to share some things with you all and a poem or two. But first please let me explain some things so as you can have a much better picture. Just who is writing? I got Stonehenge newsletter through the post last week in which I find lots of nice enjoying feelings reading it. I am sadly locked up for four years, on some trumped up charge. But happy that freedom is not too far down the road. (Summer 98). I want to share some thoughts with you all. I would like to know if you know about a little story, that you may have heard about. At the time of the Beanfield there was someone walking in front of the convoy with no clothes on? Well that was me. The police took photos of the convoy on that sad day back in 85, and I would like to have some. Jully is a dear sister with long blonde hair. She has the photos. But I've not seen her for some years. I know it is a very slim chance of you or anyone knowing her, but if by some beautiful chance you do, please can you put us in touch. People ask me about that day on the Beanfield. How come you took your clothes off? Were you on acid? Well no I was not on acid. But a lot of earth energy was flowing through my mind - body. I know that I was being touched by some very strong spirits. It was only right for me to take off my clothes, and bond in with nature. I walked through towns from the woods all the way to the wall of beasts. I do miss my life on the road, but we all move forward and times change. Is there any chance of asking you for some music - folk, reggae, soul or anything that I can play and enjoy and chill out to? I don't have very much music. Also if you know anyone that would like to write in then I would truly overenjoy writing back. I will write some more poems if you'd like to have more. Anyway I give lots of thanks for the newsletters, - please try not to forget to post over some more as soon as they come off the print. Sorry I don't have any stamps to give or cash to pay for post, I can only give my thoughts, peace, love, respect, and my blessings. Stay at it, as together we can turn the bastards back. Free Stonehenge 97. Now is the time for people to pull together as one. All my love + light, and may Rainbows light across the earth.

I miss you all. One love - Sky (Clive Dalrymple PB2529, HMP Haverigg, Millom, Cumbria, LA12 4NA)


My peace grows all the more
As if someone has opened a door
I smile and learn to overstand
All the things that must come to hand

Its growing, its growing all around
As people open up and hear Earth's sound
One love, one heart, one destiny
Never to fear and never to flee

Open mind heart and soul
Let in the earth spirit's love and let it grow
We must always stand up for Earth's rights
we stand as one, strong, and unite

Through the earth powers of the most high
Through the earth powers tears will cry
Of an overstanding, a ray of joy
That this here world can never be man's toy

To be rolled over and trashed and put aside
Them evil dog hearts can never hide
So evil men of destruction and greed
You that bleed the earth of its seed

Your time is up, can't you see
In your selfishness you will never succeed
And we earth people don't want your breed
And all your ugliness and all your greed

It's sad we know! You lost the plot
And in your blindness you thought we all forgot
The Earth, the Stones, the Trees, and lots lots more
But now you can see what we have got in store

Never ever can we let your kind go on.
We the earth people stand as one.    

~Letter From Karelia~
Good lift to Glastonbury, danced, talked, listened (let's rebuild the chalk banks of Stonehenge I), raced Merlin up the Tor, borrowed that book off Mutoid Ritchie and scanned that picture for Festival Eye... Back to Kew, cycling around London, clicking up the World Wide Web, then hitched to equinox, we picked up Arthur, to pub, fixed next September's meet, then Midnight hopped the fence and ran, torch light stabbed, but I ran through. stroking Stone Eleven, then south, and back to the Hele Stone Avenue pavement, where I played tin whistle -
Hale Bopp! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

don't climb on the Stones

# DG thinks our 'constitution' (see 'Appeal') ['What?' on Homepage]should make it clear that respect for the Stones makes such things as climbing on them unacceptable. Any suggestions for re-wording?

VE Day Book website Relunch

Stonehenge VE Day pandimensional book relunch on the Web at more pictures, text, videos etc wanted; also stuff from the actual Free Festivals 1974-1984 is embarrassingly unexisting, please, got any pics? help!

druids runnin nekkid

"If its guid enough for Druids,
Runnin' nekkid thru the wuids,
Drinkin' strange fermented fluids,
Then its guid enough for me."

 LATEST NEWS:    Friday 13th June - Millennium Commission rejects English Heritage Stonehenge Park/Visitor Centre proposals.


THE INDEPENDENT FRIDAY 6 JUNE 1997 p3. (+pic) Stephen Goodwin. Heritage Correspondent

Druids to go free as Stonehenge plans to drop entrance charges.

Stonehenge, sacred stones of the Druids and the most important Megalithic site in Europe. could soon become a truly public place once again. Entry to the 5,000-year-old stone circle today costs £3.70 for an adult and under the Millennium Park Scheme being pushed until yesterday by English Heritage and the Tussauds Group the ticket price would have nearly doubled. Last year 725,000 paid to visit the stones and another 250,000 are reckoned to have peered at them through the chain link fence by the A344.

But in a politically-astute move, Sir Jocelyn Stevens, chairman of the heritage quango, has switched to the idea of free public access, a notion likely to appeal to the lottery-funded Millennium Commission. which is being asked for £20m, and to the Labour government.

Greater public access to the nation's treasures is a basic tenet of Sir Jocelyn's new political master, Chris Smith. the Secretary of state for National Heritage. English Heritage committed itself to improvements at Stonehenge after the site and visitor facilities were condemned as a "national disgrace" in 1992 by a House of Commons committee. Sir Jocelyn made it a personal ambition of his chairmanship that people should he able to "touch the stones" again. But the ambitious plan for a 6,000-acre Millennium Park on the Wiltshire downs, with Stonehenge at its heart, ran into problems owing to the £83m cost and criticism of the "Disneyland" trackless-train touring the stones.

The Millennium Commission, which is being asked to pay half, had doubts about where the rest of the money was coming from and about the benefit to the public from the scheme.

Under the revised plan, a main road running within 300 yards of the stones will still be grassed over and 2,000 acres of Wiltshire downland will be restored to a natural setting. The Tussauds visitor centre will be moved from a site 3km from the stones to within Ikm at Larkhill. There will he no need for a train, parking will be free and visitors can walk to the stones. Tussauds, who will manage the site. will charge for entry to an interpretation centre, using virtual reality techniques, and there will also be retail and catering facilities.

The Millennium Commission will consider the revised plan next week, but a decision on funding will not he made before autumn. If £20m is forthcoming from the lottery. Tussauds will put in £lOm, with the remaining £lOm coming from English Heritage and the National Trust, the major landowner. "It will he a free site for the public's benefit," said Sir Jocelyn, who told Mr Smith about the change at a meeting last week.

Charging has been a feature at Stonehenge ever since the site was given to the nation early this century, and probably before that. But even if it is approved by the Millennium Commission, the project still faces hurdles.

Conservationists are certain to object to the resiting of the visitor centre at Larkhill, within the World Heritage Site and close to a mysterious 2.5km-long Neolithic feature known as the Cursus. Kate Fielden, secretary of the Avebury Society, whose interest extends to Stonehenge, said the emphasis had to he on removing the Z0th-century clutter- a commitment once made by Sir Jocelyn. "It would be a tragedy for us to treat such an important site in such a shameful way. The object must be restore the landscape around this monument to make it a place that people can come to and go away uplifted."

According to Sir Jocelyn, the visitor centre would be in low-lying "dead ground' and all that would be visible from the stones would be the heads of visitors viewing the site from a roof gallery. "The choice was to build the centre off the World Heritage Site and have transport, or to build on, out of sight, and let people walk." Doing the latter removed the "fairground" element of the train and allowed the stones their natural dignity, he said. Visitor numbers could well double after May 2001, the earliest likely opening date for the people's Stonehenge.

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