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Here's some e-mail messages which we've received in 1996. Unfortunately many messages probably got lost (as did I - years ago!)- see the VE Day Book Introduction for why for this website is ruinous excuse, and click the hompage form to send us your words of wisdom /poetry/ links, art, whatever

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Stonehenge Campaign: some e-mail received

Mail received to Stonehenge Campaign,

page under reconsturcution, july 1998

1996 emails received

4thJune1996 from Jean, Canada

Subject: Summer solstice

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 97 16:11:26 EST

From: Jean-Francois_Gravel@iaf.UQUEBEC.CA (Jean-Francois Gravel)


Postage paid by:

I, My name is Jean-Francois, I'm canadian. I going to make a trip in Europe and I want to celebrate the summer solstice in England. So was thinkink celebrate it at Stonehenge. I wanna know if it's the best place for it, because it seem to be a problem to going there for the soltice sunrise. Is there another place where we could celebrate the summer solstice, because I don't wanna see someting like the battle of the beanfield.

Thank's for your attention, that will our first chance for my girlfriend and me to celebrate de summer solstice on celtique religion ground.

Jean-Francois and Myriam

from JimDannan

15 August 1996 23:49:11
Subject:        vids+picsovstonehenge
To:     DiceGeorge
cannot download and run stonehenge pics and vids. 
aol came up with tried evenmulti.
also i've written some stuff on getting our forests back and the
bullshit that the forestry commision use to continue management 
of them shall i send it on to you?
also do you know contact number of greennet and phreak and demon 
do they have local hub in gwynedd?
byelove jim

sterneck9603 . I want to show a video about the history / developments etc. of the Stonehenge-Festival in a squat

From - Sat Mar 2 16:10:40 1996 From: Hell, this is Wolfgang Sterneck from Hanau / Germany writing. I want to show a video about the history / developments etc. of the Stonehenge-Festival in a squat and at a Underground-Rave... Do you have such a Video ? or do you know where i can get one ? Thanks Rhythm and change Wolfgang Sterneck

Keychain 960921

21 September 1996 02:38:28
MessageFrom:   Christopher Vittore,,Internet
Subject:        membership
To:     DiceGeorge
I am interested in buying a few stonehenge keychains.  
Do you know who Imight contact about this?  
Please write me at

Australian Radio Interview

(downloaded a few weeks too late)
22 September 1996 15:39:42Message
Subject:        radio interview
To:     DiceGeorge
Dear George,
I present a national radio programme for the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation from Sydney, and would like to interview you regarding the
Autumn equinox this weekend (or the Spring equinox down here)
I believe it is late on Sunday afternoon London time, 
and hope you will read this soon enough to contact me by return email...
or reverse charges
6129 333 2435 or 333 2468.
ThanksLisa Hampshire

English student curious

09 October 1996 07:34:11Message
From:   anne mcnulty,,Internet
Subject:        information request
To:     DiceGeorge
Dear DiceGeorge,        
my name is Meredith McNulty and I'm in grade seven enrichment.
For english we have to do a three minute talk on a real mystery.
On her list of suggestions,my teacher put stonehenge.
Stonehenge has always attracted my curiousity.
The idea of the druids and their rituals or ceremonies,
their mysterious lifestyle,their relations to stonehenge,
the earth forces,electrical currents,
tracking the sun and the moon's path.
They're so separated, so different from the rest of our history, 
yet so similar.
I was given a book last year by a friend that was called 
Sun God, Moon Witch by Welwyn Winton Katz.
It dealt with the idea of earth forces 
and underground electrical currents.
It is a very captivating read.
Anyway back to the point.
I need information.
Not college stuff,
but some basic background information about stonehenge and the druids.
If you could send me something it would be greatly appreciated.     
                                   Thanks a lot,           
                                     Meredith McNulty      

Cliff from Mysterious Places

13 September 1996 18:24:02
MessageFrom:   Cliff Wassmann,,Internet
Subject:        link added
To:     DiceGeorge
I've created a links to your Stonehenge page from
It will be up shortly.
thanks for the info and good luck

Reddog 1977 visit to Stonehenge

30 July 1996 05:43:30
MessageFrom:   Initials BB,,Internet
Subject:        Visiting rights to the stones
To:     DiceGeorge,pHreak
Dear Sir
In the winter of 1977 my wife and I visited Stonehenge, as I recollect there was no kiosk, no ropes, and no ladies with middle class English accents telling people where they could and could not go. In those days we could walk amongst the stones, touch them, a tenuous link across thousands of years, I am an engineer, I don't marvel at what these guys did, I know what they did, what it cost and what sort of society had to exist to bear that cost.

The stones were not put there to be fenced off or protected, they were part of a vibrant developing infrastructure, the nearest anolagy I can draw today would be our shopping malls. The point I'm trying to make is that we need to be able to go among the stones, touch them, absorb the ambience of the slowly passing centuries.

The structure was built to be used, not preserved, the whole community must have supported the development otherwise it could not have been done. You did not build Stonehenge, you have no right to deny people access, even if it means the eventual destruction of the sight, that is not important, to be of any value, to respect the memory of the people who built it we must use it. Cut the ropes, set the stones free.

They do notbelong to the Government, tourists, or even to the local people, they should be free to follow their own destiny, accessible to all even if it leads to the destruction of the monument as we know it.

I cannot believe the presumption of the people who in 1993 denied us contact with the stones.

Regards, Reddog

R Jones - no Stonehenge theme park please

22 July 1996 03:23:19Message
From:   Roger Jones,,Internet
Subject:        Stonehenge Theme park?
To:     DiceGeorge,pHreakHi, 
Is it true that there are plans to 
turn Stonhenge into a theme park?
I hope not. 
If this is true is there campaign to stop this? 
If you have any details please let me know.
CheersRoger Jones

Squall hello

10 September 1996 20:09:50Message
From:   squall central,,Internet
Subject:        squallTo:     DiceGeorge
SQUALL - necessity breeds ingenuity   
/phone 0171 561 1204          
fax 0171 272 9243--- SQUALL PO Box 8959 London N19 5HW 
--------------- magazine for sorted itinerants ------- ????
23 September 1996 01:14:41Message
From:   Alan Lodge,100653.3666@CompuServe.COM,Internet
Subject:        Re: BEANFIELD video on www
To:     DiceGeorgeSunday evening.
Hello george.
Last saw you at Wandsworth I think.

Have been away for a few days. Just got your message. Of course I will add a link to the Beanfield vid. You have found me through my pages and with thus see that I have already linked Stonehenge site already.

Don't know how much you know about all this web stuff.

But the pages you've seen are my second attempt in the last two months. Would be really grateful for any critisism you feel like making.. I would like to do better. Some have said a complete mine of information and no problems. A coupleof others have reported that it was all too enormous, their machine crashed and they gave up!I do want to include a fair wedge of pictures, since I'm supposed to bea photographer.Can you suggest some reading to find out more for the arguments betweenGIF Vs JPG image files? All of mine are GIF's at the moment.

I knew JPG's were supposed to be smaller, but on conversion, many of the files became bigger! The conversions required an increase in the saved number of colours. Well there you go..... got a lot to learn.

I do need to save space since Compuserve allow me 1MB within my subscription. I am already, at a second attempt, occupying 958K of it. I do want it all to be as accessable as possible. Gallery page will of course be heaviest.

All collected togetherI realise I've prattled on, enough for one go! I know about the yellow, but I like it!


==================================================== /


Weaver - not bad

12 September 1996 16:13:33
From:   Andrew Franklin Weaver,,Internet
Subject:        WWW site
To:     DiceGeorgeTook a look at the stonehenge site,
not bad for a startlaterweave


18 September 1996 06:46:05Message
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The What's New

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