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Here's a webpage about Diggers and Levellers
Saturday 1st April 2000 Diggers gather at Little Heath near Cobham near George's Hill, Surrey http://www.oneworld.org/tlio

See http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/diggers for the diggers website

or www.thelandisours.org.uk ???

We're all coming to St George's Hill to squat
With the rich folk for a week or two
Social Justice and a Revolution
Smash the State for me and you,
In a month or two

We're going to work the land in common
Winstanley did it long ago
We want the right to land now
So this is what we'll do

We're all squatting on St george's Hill a while
Smoking spliffs and drinking Special Brew
Till our Earth's returned to Common Treasury
Like it always should be
Like it always should be.

We're telling everyone about it
Injustice and the theft of our land
They stole it for their profit
We made it ours by right

Ah Ah Ahh

Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard and by Jo Ashton-Court

C F G7 *2
C Am G F
Dm G7 C Am
Bm G7 C
F C *2
Em A
D7 G7

St George's Hill
April 1999

The diggers /LandIsOurs want the Wandsworth Eco Village windmill back for their next land reclaimation, it's bolted onto my bus powering my batteries, radio, phone, computer, aaargh - anyone know where we can get a second-hand windmill or two (it's a Rutland Windcharger) - please phone

see DiceGeorge webpage for my report of the St george's Hill occupation in April 1999


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