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Dice George Festival Eye article 1989

I think David Loxley's druidic article was the best bit in Festival Eye '88.

I'm an agnostic - I believe that nobody has any special, supernatural, exclusive access to religious knowledge.... Jesus was born no more of a 'son of God' than Salman Rushdie or you, which makes the example of his mortal life and speeches and death all the more admirable...

To me a mortal human Jesus who taught love and peace and surrendered to the mob is a far greater thing: he was one of us...

I am a Christian in the sense that there were christians long before Jesus and Judas were born

All humans are equal and different; science is about knowledge and religion about wisdom...

Loxley wrote that druidism is a science, not a religion

Stonehenge is scientific and religious

It suprised me when David Loxley wrote in that druidism is a science and not a religion. How does he define 'religion'. Ghandi said that religion and politics are one

what's worse, stealing or receiving stolen property?

he wrote about relationships between opposites: winter and summer, Tao, sexuality, sperms and eggs, subconsciousness, force/matter, the Christian Trinity, four elements, you and me

Now take the two ideas 'Knowledge' and 'Wisdom', like it's science is knowledge of facts and how to do things, Astronomy, snooker, motors and nukes, whereas religion is like wisdom, spiritual, the Greek Arts, tragedy, comedy, music, human creation

But there's a subtle difference, they're more than opposites, he wrote that Druidism studies the relationships between opposites

I want to go to Stonehenge in peace and play my flute again

it's traditional, (good-natured) heckling of Druids at Stonehenge, the druids were the priest/scientist of the Celts who came from France in boats after Stonehenge I, II and III were built so anyone who calls themself a druid is X

But then again Helen the Hat claim to be a druid at Stonehenge, and ask hecklers 'are you sure that you're not a druid too???

I used to leave the festival field in the morning and walk to the Stones at about twelve which was British Summer Time and thus before local solar noon. There I'd sit and watch Loxley's druids do their bit and then Sid Rawles and crew would arrive and the afternoon

Threatening behaviour and piercing the fence is like raping the Stones which is bad and should be stopped which is obvious.

The people who built Stonehenge were illiterate

Thatcher wants Stonehenge to be a tourist shop and War-museum

Sid Rawles is not 'King of the Hippies' he's a preacher - who isn't? They say that since time immemorial there's been gatherings of common people and sports and festivals at Stonehenge.

There was a farm down in the triangle at the Amesbury and shepherds and artists passing by the Cornwall/London road.

I can't define my religion but I can say what it includes, it includes Stonehenge and the ideas that the Druid wrote about and Father Christmas and Mother Earth and everything everywhere and the relationships between all the Druid's ideas

Last year in Festival Eye David Loxley wrote that Druidism studies the relationships between opposites like Winter and Summer, Tao, subconsciousness, sperm and egg, child and parent, the Christian Trinity, four elements...

He wrote that Stonehenge symbolises Time/Space, and Druidism is a science, not a religion,.

I know through Caesar's books that the Druids he met were priest/scientists with bards who sang legends of how and why Stonehenge was built, and how great were their celebrations

Stonehenge is more than a world-famous scientific monument, if you were there at any of the recent equinoxes you'd know that religious things have been going on there, and that, on balance, what we do is good

I dream of two gates at Stonehenge, one free, for people who come in peace, and another for those who come looking for trouble...

The good Junes in the 80s were 1987,'83,'82,'81, and '80 which is five out of nine

I'll probably end up in jail again for possession of a pavement near Stonehenge again.


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