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In 1985 police ambushed to convoy on its way to Stonehenge Free Festival.. people call it 'The Battle of the Beanfield" but it wasnt a battle 'cos any one of us driving a vehicle in either the grass field or the beanfield could have rammed a lot of cops and squashed them against another vehicle but none of us did. So it wasnt a battle. Q.E.D.

And I was well aware that contemporaneously in south america dissidents were being 'disappeared' by government approved so-called vigilantes.
(dice) George (Miles) april2005 (c).

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    RG28 7EG
    Our Ref. RHB/BM
    Dear Sir,
        with reference to your letter of the 7th June, 1985,
     a copy of the contemporaneous note made of your interview
     is enclosed as requested.
    Yours faithfully,

    RECORD OF INTERVIEW (of me, George)

    ALLEGED OFFENCE: Unlawful Assembly (contrary to Common Law)
    INTERVIEW... ADDRESS DATE 2nd June 1985 PARTICULARS OF INTERVIEW DC316 Cautioned. Do You Understand. R. nodded in agreement 316. Do you own a vehicle R. Yes 316. Would you tell me the make colour and number of it. R. Bedford Bus, green, 644 FYO 316. Were you arrested in the field with a lot of other people R. I was sitting in my bus when Police with shields and batons charged towards us they smashed some windows I said I surrender I came out of my bus with my hands on my head they hit me on the head I rolled into a ball they hit me some more someone said that's enough and they took me away to here. 316. Who was in the vehicle with you R. Jim 316. Was he arrested as well R. He's here 316. Where had you come from when you were arrested R. Marlborough forest 316. Were you driving with the Peace Convoy R. Yes. 316. Where were you going R. I didn't know 316. Were you going to Stonehenge R. I didn't know 316. Do you think that you would have gone there if you hadn't been stopped R. I believed we were going to be stopped. The Police had told me that we were going to be escorted somewhere else and weren't going to Stonehenge. 316. Were you aware that there was a total ban on the holding of any festival at Stonehenge R. Yes 316. Is there anything you wish to say R. Throughout I acted non violently and tried to cool everybody down saying first we should stay in the forest and then in the field. I am a member of "The Young Liberals", "Green CND" and "The National Trust". 316. Were you aware that some of the Peace convoy were intent on going to Stonehenge R. Yes. I am worried about the condition of my bus and the property I left on it.

    I have read the above questions and answers and I .....

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    This letter was printed in rif raf poets with over 100 changes, some libelous, I have asked time and again for right to reply but have not yet received satisfaction

    LETTER FROM KARELIA 9September1985 to Rif Raf Poets

    copy of carbon of original letter to Denis Gould


    'Once I got lost in a wood' begins the book I've written called '1983'. Its lies, all lies, every phoneme is a fib except for the bit on page two about the Space Monsters. suss that in the third world war kids die. So I'll be the last straw on the camels back and I'll turn four cheeks but brandt is old and still they starve millions of dead kids if that aint war then whatinjudasnameis?

    I'm in love with a policeman but I dont know what his number is: the man who pulled my trousers down because I 'smelt of cannabis'. It happened in NineteenEightyThree, eight or nine miles from Glastonbury, the annual gathering of the greens, kids and dogs and any old beans. We were going to the shops when we were stopped by lots of cops, then my policeman said to me 'Open up your trousers george'. When I said 'no' he threatened me so I said 'you can if you want to' and then he pulled my trousers down and then I fell in love?

    The finnish language is nonsexist: its word 'han' means he/she like the german 'sie', also nouns have no gender.

    A twoyearold rascal: 'whats your name?' - 'shutup' -
    'whats your name dicegeorge?' - 'shutup' - he beams

    By the entrance to the illegal 1984 Stonehege Free Festival was an overturned burntout wreck of a car, and painted on it 'EX SMACK DEALERS CAR'. Inside convoy hippies liberals punks angels and mutants were selling drugs - heroin was banned, experience had shown that junkies have no honour.

    I'm learning to play the flute: I have a tune called 'Belgrano'.

    Our convoy of 551ish individuals and 151ish busses and trucks and vanses and bikes and kids and dogs on a stony summer saturday afternoon in high spirits left the forest. I was sitting in my bus when riot police smashed six windows I said 'I surrender' I came out of my bus with my hands on my head they hit me I rolled into a ball they hit me some more others tried to run away they interned me for two nights its even worse in belfast, They should be ashamed. Drongos dont understand that tis all about controlling shit- drongos kill trees for no reason - all glue sniffers are drongos - drongos OD - drongos believe what they read - drongos wind up clockwork people - drongos bogart that joint - remember everybody is a drongo some of the time (1982)

    At a radical-liberal-conference a concerned asian gentleman asked how to combat the alienation of the young blacks in innercity areas? Legalise the cannabis trade. Arguments against stink of stagnant conservatism or classic doublethink. Glastafari! There is no god but if there was she'd make us eat our unburied shit - stonehenge timefestival is farout next year -

    your cousin - dicegeorge (c) 9ix85


  • dicepubl.htm#8512unique


    writings published in Glastonbury's Unique Publications booklets about Stonehenge

    On a stoney saturday afternoon in high spirits we left the forest, I was in the middle, I was forced into the grass field, on Radio One I heard that they were trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement, I played my flute, I lit a fire, I made tea, I was sitting in my bus when police paramilitary charged they smashed six windows I said I surrender I came out of my bus with my hands on my head they hit me on he head I rolled into a ball they hit me some more they interned me for two nights then they cautioned me and charged me with unlawful assembly...

    Page 10:

    DICE GEORGE: "When the convoy was stopped I could hear the sound of breaking glass and shouts and screams and AliAlis and sirens but it was round the corner I couldn't see and I wanted to be there but I had to stay at the controls of my bus that was the scariest."

    Page 24

    9vi85: When I got my bus out of police 'custody' my knife was gone my wood-axe was gone my blankets were gone my jacket was gone so much of my hard-earned tools lost or stolen. There was lots of confusion "things got put in other vehicles" they said so did they have no orders are not police paid to protect our liberty and justly acquired property even if we're dirty gypsies?" - Dice George

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