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another soon to be released album, this time purely accoustic and skeletal

"another soon to be released album, this time purely accoustic and skeletal"

andor george@dicenews.com

october 2005: Jes has spent some time in Spain at Beneficio, but is now somewhere in Australia with Bridget and others, she's expecting a little bundle of suprises in a few months...
He gave me a DVD of some recent recordings, and I have CDs from Hatfield Court last year, I hope other Little Green Men will get in touch with other recordings, the few chances I've had to tinwhistle and jam with him have been among the best musical experiences of my life, he so brings out the dicieness of my music, my attitude, accent, though I have not one hundredth of his musical sophistication...


Jes did some recording with me, george, @ Hatfield Court January 2004

"Lost in a wave" recorded
Thursday 15th jan 2004
Little Green Men involved were
George, Shameless and Jes.


"Water Swims With Fire"

"Flying Carpet"

"Walk Away"

"Swan Song"

and a bunch of others recorded Friday 16th jan 204
on Jenny’s 16 track at Hatfield Court. Dice engineering.
Tin whistle overdubs by george Saturday 17th jan???

Here are some lyrics:

ASPARTAME LEMONADE Got it made, patterns in sun and shade Turn to wine, aspartame lemonade Who am I/ I`m deep into low grade You are soul, no need to be afraid Come together/ under the velvet sun You can believe her/ because you need someone I don`t know why lovers lie It`s alright/ take time to get away I held hands with my inner guide today Just like you, when I sat at your feet again Now I`m older and I`ve got to feel the pain BLUE EYED JESUS Blue eyed Jesus said the truth will set you free You know everything you`ll ever need to know about me Black radish records were always walking the boards Devastator maybe later when your poison stops you`ll put your firework mind back in it`s baby box see the see and hear the seagulls laugh their heads right off the moneys always been tight but now it`s strangling me you know there1sd never been any guns in my army don’t let it get to a fight sing on you peaceful dream but Blue-eyed Jesus said the kids don`t even rock these days no, I`ve tried everything- I sent them all on holiday and nothings how I wanted but I`ll never let it make me cry— mad pop remembers all the ways to break you out of phase you little pixels are like glorious, night-size rays; the pyramid and the eye in love as deep as the sky CONVERSATIONS We don‘t need 25000 conversations I`m not excited by this old information All that I`ve learnt `bout life is what she does she`ll do All I want to know tonight is can I sleep with you You can spare me all your mind-blowing revelations Lets not stay standing in this place for ages Isn`t it true; I might be with you EYE OF THE NEEDLE There`s a little doorway But it doesn`t get through to you We`re boiling in the cauldren of Nuit You`re a slow wing beat Eternal tunnel You don`t know what you put me through Through the eye of the needle of the sky FLEECE I`m as cold as the government in my friend Now that we`ve been fleeced of our sheep’s clothing Chase the crack to the CIA Who`s on the side of the teeth that pay? When the bite comes will you feel your rules bend? Everyday we try to rock the system Just to compensate their navigation Tap my time and bug my space This is US without a face Knuckle-smile is running out of patience. FLYING CARPET I was thinking `bout Pat with his clarinet Always knows where to stand Got me thinking about where I am You`ve always got to know where you stand I`m on a flying carpet, that`s where I am. I was thinking `bout Pops, how she never stops When she gets a guitar in her hand Trying to make the sun shine like Siam She`s gonna make all your pavements seem grand I`m on a flying carpet, that`s where I am. FUTURE I can see in the future, because I have been in the future- And you`re there. I come through fine, you should try me sometime Like the prayer in the wine, be the breathing. Love is smaller than life Crawling out of your hive And it`s making me cry but that`s alright. It`s so hard to define- when you`re ready to shine, Get the power in the line, free the feeling! Light reflecting the light, running right down your kite Definition is shy, but that`s alright WITH ME Every time, seems so easy now. I can`t complain, just kick ideas around. And every time I see you, see another star in your sky. And every time I see you, wish that you could really be mine. Don`t have to go Don`t think that I don`t know That it`s not easy living with me. ALTAR STAINS The secret`s growing inside of you `nother face in another town the secret`s growing inside of you getting closer to the here and now you know you can carry it through but I can`t tell you what its all about, maybe I can give you a clue by saying everyone holds onto doubt and it’s a crazy game the swordbridge drives you insane tracing qabalistic constellations in the altar stains LOST IN A WAVE Lost in a wave and I don`t know where to go Lost in a wave without you Out of my brains and I don`t know what I know But if I trip it then its true. Lost in a wave but I don`t know who I`m lost without Crowded by patterns crawling through Into the grain hit all the little drops that cost a lot That`ll give you something else to chew On. OBSTACLE It was just like the day that I hatched! (*) You might be an obstacle, but I`ll get over that… Sweep you under my flying carpet- Keep you under my magic hat. REVOLUTION WOMAN Green plastic veil and a chain of eyes You`ll never dance and you`ll never surprise me Rare waves….. Revolution woman. Your concrete box keeps you apart And your power magic drugs your heart Rare waves Revolution woman! SHEBUTTERFLIES I`m torn apart by shebutterflies Chardonnay garden soaked in summer rise Dive for the claw of the song that flies Forget-me-nots nearly made me cry. We were the lucky ones- you know and I know. Spoilt children of the sun Coming up on everyone! I found a river of my own, Each summer I`d walk to the Stones, Took childhood by the handle-bars, Left school and crashed my mummy`s cars. SILVER ALIEN I`m so in love with nobody at all I`m your silver alien, hanging from your mirror-ball. Everything is fine. I`m not a cry for help, I`m a ray of light. SWANSONG I see the swans, I see all over England And you, on the bridge! And I know what you`re thinking… Should you cross or stay? This is our last day. What`s a girl to do?! When the children are sleeping and the towns all shut up too? It`s all a bit scary, and the nights are getting long… Why should it matter, if we get it wrong- And everything scatters? WALK AWAY You know what I think. Living is immanent. You`ve got the power to do anything you want. I`m gonna walk away. You know what I think. Freedom is innocent. You`ve got the power to do anything you want. I`m gonna walk away. WATERSWIMSWITHFIRE Water swims with fire, I`ve got the real me.. Drove here through deserts of fantasy.. I keep my windscreen clean, because lying`s so green- you can look right into me. Into my melting machinery. Don`t need to lock any doors, because you`ve been here before, it`s so best off my chest and before you I could never rest. (I`m going to love you now, there`s so many reasons why) feel so beautiful inside. THE WEATHER She said "this angel`s seen it all. I`m not even in the stars anymore." That sky is torn below me, I will jigsaw her together then I think I`ll choose the weather Power. You grow. High reiki casualty, echanacea slammers, you form crystal pyramids In turn, intone interne international intense arsenal.

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