Thomas Daffern, Tim Abbott, Rollo Maughfling, George Firsoff, Caroline Diffey (of LAW), Andy (a pagan), Ann Smith (Shrewton), Supt. Andy Hollingshead, Ann Waterhouse, Martin Mottram, Adrian Tibbatts, Elizabeth, Andy Pulham (film), Gillian Bradbury arrived later, then Kathleen Ben Rabha, Clews Everard, Paul Aitken.

We discussed how to get wider participation. Martin mentioned ways of getting attention in local media. Thomas raised funding, archives.

McPherson enquiry following death of Stephen Lawrence has focussed on racism in police force, at Stonehenge problem of perception of a cultural minority. Andy explained Wilts command structure recently replaced, has looked at the issue anew, plan to return to "normality". Communication links with some travellers, but not others, they lack "organisation". Ann Smith said local young people picked on because of their hair/dress. This could be raised at local forums.

House of Lords ruling clarified, public right to use of public highways and bye-ways for peaceful purposes, incorrect for police to "anticipate" trespass so CJA can no longer create an "exclusion zone".

Discussion moved to Stonehenge access issue. Thomas elicited responses from Paul Aitken and Clews Everard on the issue of the "festival". Was a dialogue possible? Stonehenge Campaign had discovered it was pointless. Kathleen pointed out from a post-modern perspective, that when one party at the table (i.e. English Heritage) had much more power than others those excluded chose appropriate postures. There were ways to step towards a more "celebratory" use of the landscape, George suggested.

After a break we resumed, some personal testimony, unusual states of consciousness at Stonehenge, police abuse and injustice. Ann Smith cut and scarred by use of plastic wrist bands. Touched on issue of special social and political conditions during 1980s. Police were used to press through political agenda. Paul reported Lord Denning had said imperative to "support police" even if they erred. Middle Class voters had tended to go along with this.

Dragon Camp 24/25 April. Plans for Solstice procession.

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