Thomas (back from Macedonia), Ishtar (from Italy), Rollo (claims he's A of G & S & B & in charge of stage & security [which is not true] at Glastonbury & BGG etc., following Beanfield held rituals at Hele Stone, founded COBDO [I'm pretty certain this was Tim Sebastion's initiative originally]), Carolyn (Olwyn), Martin (Kay), Gillian, Hawk (Christopher), George, Kreb Dragonrider (South Downs Dragon Order of Druids), Nora.


George said he'd spoken to Clews Everard who couldn't make it, Supt Andy Hollingshead & his ACC McWhirter willing to come and discuss "current and future" situation. They weren't there at the Beanfield and "may not be allowed" to discuss that, George thought, he'd also spoken to John Maffey, former landowner.

Names of two people with legal knowledge were proposed.

[Very bad mechanical noises on tape - end Tape 1 - other side is blank]

[Don't at present have Tape 2 - might contain the controversial stuff with Rollo shouting etc.]

Record from Tape 3 continues:

Late arrivals:

Kathleen [probably Kathleen Ben Rabha], Paul [probably Paul Aitken] and then Gabbi arrived.

Presentation from Ishtar who works with Lama Gangchen, she spoke of the "pure crystal energy" at sacred sites which benefitted from the presence of "Holy Beings" it was easy to become whole there, important world sites were linked, the Lama worked at Stonehenge for peace and compassion.

Hawk said pagan & druid religions in this country were persecuted or ignored, but there was a worldwide rite of honouring father, mother and four quarters.

Kreb suggested Stonehenge and other sites were active conductors of earth energy which he described as "raw and neutral" but could amplify energy raised for peace, compassion etc. Each site had its own character and cultural connection, he wouldn't expect his druidry to work in Tibet, he said.

A speaker responded ancient druid and buddhist belief similar, especially in regard to reincarnation.

Hawk asked for information about a site on his native Dartmoor with 2 lines of stones, Nora said she'd write to him.

Ishtar responded to the speakers emphasising they work with all religions and cultures.

Thomas focussed on the purpose the stones might want to serve in relation to other sites for instance. George said he was not clear how Stonehenge fitted in with the landscape, he felt the stones retained warm human memories, but at Halloween he'd discovered the ancestors were not "out there" rather we were the ancestors, the re-use of Woodhenge was important, we should experience other local sites including Old Sarum, Normanton Down.

Thomas spoke about his travels in Greece and Macedonia, where he had attended an international poetry conference and met the President of Macedonia. He'd visited the site of the ancient oracle of Zeus at Dodona where priestesses walked barefoot to sense earth energy, and answered the questions brought to them by listening to the rustling of the oak leaves. Lake Ochrid at the meeting of Albania, Greece & Slavic Macedonia had a surviving Mother Goddess tradition, was a centre of the persecuted Bogomil religion, and was the site where the Cyrillic alphabet had been first written down. A network of "wandering poets" had been set up to facilitatte international visits. He stressed the poetic content of all religious traditions and the importance also of music and dance. An application was being made for Millenium funding for a Sacred Arts Festival in Wiltshire. [This did not succeed] Hawk noted how near to home the Welsh druids still not accept the validity of the English Eisteddfod.

George said there had been a discussion at the TRC2 on legal issues and interest in Chubb's Deed of Gift. He presented a dossier of legal papers to the Commission, this included the Deed of Gift, and judgements of the courts and European Commission of Human Rights, regarding Stonehenge. All had refused to take the matter further.

He then spoke about "Constitutional History" noting that had one king taken over from another in 1066 that would have been of little importance, but William the Conqueror had given the land to his cronies and established the system of feudal management that already existed in Europe. At Runnymede in 1215 the barons forced the king to sign a "Bill of Rights" so he became subject to the law, and could not act without a judgement of court. This was relevant to the Beanfield, where there was no such authority. However Wiltshire police had said Chief Constable "like a God", Justice Steyn in one of the papers in the dossier claimed the CC was a "Peace Officer" and independent of politics but it was hard therefore to bring him to account, if the "Peace Officer" committed an act of war, for instance.

We still had hereditary peers, some of whom were the descendants of the Norman barons, but the feudal system had been largely dismantled by revolution around 1645, the Star Chamber and various legal abuses abolished together with the Divine Right of kings, and to empasise this the king's head was cut off. People continued to attain a political voice by acts of rebellion, he noted the Bristol riots of 1831, the campaign of the Suffragettes and recent riot and defiance over the Poll Tax.

The "Constitutional History" he had promised was thus very unconstitutional, the land conquered, the king forced to his knees, a king's head cut off, riots and disorder, people not paying taxes. All these might seem extreme examples, but the 1980s were a period of urban riot and repression with the miners' strike, Broadwater farm, and Stonehenge fitted into this wider picture. There were no free festivals any more but the "Reclaim the Streets" movement held parties on the road, sometimes in the middle of motorways. He read from an Earth First! account where police on horseback confronted people in Bristol. He concluded because there was no constitution in England, and where there was no law that could protect people's rights they had to resort to direct action. He also read from Chubb's Deed of Gift [here Tape 3 ends].

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