www.greenleaf.demon.co.uk has been lost,
this here at www.stonehengecampaign.org.uk/greenleaf
is a backup of George Firsoff's website...
George Firsoff RIP
checkout www.stonehengecampaign.org.uk for more uptodate info,
and http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/stonehengepeace/ for stonehengey chat


This is the Home Page of Robin's Greenwood Gang and Greenleaf Magazine online. The site is under development but has been opened up on 19th May 2000, to give a new home to PADRAS and urgent information about Summer Solstice at Stonehenge and related material. On 22nd April 2002 a page has been opened for the history and towards the revival of the RGG Camp Network, which did communal pagan camps in the 1990s.

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